Continental Breakfast Buffet

Start you day with a generous continental breakfast!

A firm breakfast is essential to have a good start of your day. The richly stocked breakfast buffet offers an wide variety of hot and cold dishes including various egg preparations, various breads and delicious and sweet fillings

Besides the traditional coffee and tea, you can choose for a homemade chocolate milk or for one of the many fruit juices. 

The continental breakfast buffet is always included in the room price for direct bookings! 

Breakfast without overnight stay

Experience an extensive breakfast along the Zeelaan-avenue, in the heart of De Panne.

Even if you are not staying in the hotel, you can start your day full of energy and enjoy our breakfast at the rate of eur 25 per person. As our capacity is limited, we ask to reserve at least one day in advance. Pets are not allowed in the breakfast room.

For bookings please contact us by phone on 00 32 (0) 58 41 11 16.

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